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About River Glen Homeowners Association

      As a full board, the community now has a way to provide oversight and give direction to our current management company, CMA.  Prior to having a full board, there was really no one available to direct the management company in decisions beyond basic upkeep.  One of the first areas we addressed was having our lawn care company start cutting behind our fences (where possible), clearing a pathway to back gates.  These areas had been cut in years past, but in recent history, have been ignored.  We hope to expand this project to help combat erosion issues and would appreciate feedback from you if there are areas that still need work.

      The second area addressed by the board was a review of our by-laws and the books and records of the association.  Our previous bookkeeper kept meticulous records which were originally turned over to McGarr and Associates, however the board changed management companies on Jan 1, 2012 and hired Timmons Properties to manage our HOA and again changed management companies on Jan 2014 and hired CMA. 

    We wish to save money where possible, and spend homeowner’s dues frugally, using funds where they will be the most beneficial to homeowners.  Another area addressed by the board was coordinating with Grace Church of the Nazarene for a project in our neighborhood.  The youth group at the church has offered to work and improve our common area with the basketball court  The board has also discussed a variety of projects that with neighborhood involvement could improve the appearance of the subdivision.
    Which projects take place will depend on the overall homeowner’s responsiveness to them, and available funds to complete them.  There are many things we can do to improve the appearance of the neighborhood that do not involve a lot of cost.  We would really appreciate your suggestions and feedback in this area.  We have started a list which might not be complete.  If you know of an abandoned home near you, please let us know.

    Finally, we have started addressing delinquencies in homeowner’s dues in fairness to those who have been faithful in paying.  Without starting collections on these delinquencies, the neighborhood will not have the funds to be maintained.  Please be patient.  We are just starting, but hope to serve and improve this community with your help.

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